Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer


2015 has been a big year for me! I have accomplished so much and learned a LOT! In this past June I turned 1 year old. I had a big birthday bash with my whole family and some friends. I loved all my toys and loved being able to dig into that cake all by myself!! Shortly after I turned 1, I learned how to walk!! That's right, I was up and moving all by myself!! I have found out that I like books, swimming and Doc McStuffins on Disney Channel. I have learned a lot from my books! I can say Gigi, love you, mommy, puppy, apple, cat, baby, papa, mimi, please & thank you, go, up and of course Abby. I can also say the word "please" and get whatever I want because of how cute I sound. I can say the names of my Aunt Jess and Aunt Mac. Now that it's Christmas, I can say Santa, tree and Ho Ho Ho! I love to sing and dance. Mommy, Aunt Mac and Aunt Jess taught me to sing the "Let it go" song. I also love watching musicals. I watched the "Wiz" and was dancing with them! Abby and I have become great friends in this past year and I love to cuddle with her (when she lets me)! In September I took my first trip to the zoo! I was very mesmerized by all the animals I saw, but only from a distance! I'm sure I will LOVE the zoo when I'm a little older.