Christmas Canon Rock - Trans-Siberian Orchestra


2015 has been a year full of changes for Tammy and Me. We have made it through a long chapter in our life and started a new one. We’ve seen our daughters start new careers, hit milestones, and watched our granddaughter grow and learn. Tammy and I have been over stressed and times overwhelmed with the changes in our lives. However, as always have got through it all. I suspect this next year to be the same as I am yet again away from the family.

After I retired from the Army I took a job with Teksouth. They provide automated desktop tools to help with analyzing business data into useful information. Since I’ve been in the financial field and have been studying databases in school, it sounded like something I would enjoy, and I do. I develop business analytics applications using Microsoft Office. I love it. This is exactly what I wanted to do after the Army. So if you have a lot of data and need it analyzed, call me!

The ups and downs started in July as I still did not have a job after the Army. I had a promise of one but no money coming in. For some reason we started the process of building a house in Colorado Springs. What were we thinking? We were excited but yet worried. After rethinking the whole plan, we decided to cancel the build. This leaves our options open to stay in Colorado or move.

Tammy is enjoying being a grandmother. She has taken on the nickname of Gigi. She wanted something easy for Trinity to be able to say…and she says it well. You can imagine Tammy’s joy when she hears it. Along with grandma or Gigi duties, she has reached 15 years working with the federal government. For those of you that don’t know, that is a huge milestone! That’s 8 hours a pay period (every 2 weeks) of annual leave that she now earns!

Tammy is also in her second year of selling Thirty-One. What started as a “good deal” and having the title of “kit napper” has turned into an interesting hobby for her. She truly loves the products and our house (and my wallet) is proof of that! She really is my favorite “bag” lady!

In Closing

Looking back at 2015, it has been filled with a mixture of emotions that have created many fond memories. Most of which have brought Tammy and I so much joy. As we move towards 2016, we are thankful to have a happy and healthy family, jobs that pay our bills, beds to sleep in, love that keeps us together and family & friends that we get to share our lives with. Our wish for all of you this Christmas season and upcoming New Year is for love and health. Time with your loved ones is precious. Let's not waste any of it!