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The past couple of years have been a rollercoaster. In May 2014, I graduated college and accepted a job at Windsor Middle School teaching 7th grade math. This is when my life started! I have enjoyed every second of my new career. There are many aspects of my career that make it what it is: math; my students; and my coworkers!

What first got me into teaching was my love for math! I absolutely enjoy learning new math topics and practicing math topics I already know. I got into teaching wanting to show my passion for math and to instill that passion on all of my students; however, my students are the reason why I am still teaching. My first year with my first group of students ensured my path as a teacher. I had an absolute blast with all of them! There were ups and downs, but overall they were all sweet, smart, and amazing. At the end of my first school year, I was exhausted and ready for SUMMER!

During the summer I moved into my own apartment and got to present with fellow teachers at a Colorado Conference for innovative technology! What an amazing experience. My second year of teaching has started wonderfully! New students ad new challenges, but I also miss my kids from last year all dearly now that they are 8th graders. My new 7th graders are awesome and sweet, but definitely different than last year. I have yet to truly understand them, but that comes with time.

Whitney, me, and Joscelynn at our presentation at INNEDCO!

I definitely have help while I’m teaching, though. I have a wonderful support system! Whatever you call them, my coworkers, my friends, or my family, I have it all. Joscelynn, Whitney, Jessica, and Mindy are fabulous! I first met Joscelynn when I was student teaching at Windsor Middle School and she has become like a sister! I am lucky enough to live close to her, so we car pool to school almost every day. We also have fun nights having a “math department meeting” while drinking sangria swirls. She is definitely someone I could not live without. Whitney is my partner on the 7th grade team. She is my sister “evil minion”! We are always thinking of new ways to be better teachers for our 7th graders, whether that’s making a scavenger hunt on Halloween or just an extra recess to let them wind down. Jessica is my “twin” sister! Students, parents, and staff constantly call us each other! I didn’t know I had a secret sister! Mindy is my soundboard! I don’t know how many conversations we’ve had about school and the future, but she is a lady that has gone through a lot and definitely has words of wisdom! I am so very happy to have such a wonderful support system at my second home!

Well, that’s my life right now, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Thanks for spending a little time with me!

Whitney and me as evil minions on Halloween