Christmas with the Chriss' 2018

Merry Christmas from Jessica

Well it’s been a while since I wrote my last letter, but since then, I have moved from Colorado to Indiana and now teach a Riverside Junior High School. A few years ago, part of my family re-located to Indiana, and a year later I was left in Colorado without my immediate family. It was a hard year being far away from them, so I made the decision to follow them to Indiana. The first few months of 2018 was spent transitioning my teaching license to an Indiana license (which wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be) and interviewing over Skype for teaching positions. I was very blessed to get a position at Riverside Jr. High where I am still teaching crazy 7th graders. I taught at Windsor Middle School for a total of 4 years. I have many great memories from there! For instance, I got to co-direct three wonderful musicals with Jes Freesen: Schoolhouse Rocks Live!; Dear Edwina Jr.; and The Wizard of Oz. I also can’t think back to my time in Colorado and not think about Joscelynn, Jes, Whitney, and Mindy. Four of my very close friends. It has been a hard transition from Colorado not having them so close. They even threw a surprise going away party that I was caught so off guard, I’m pretty sure I cried for most of it. My last day in Colorado was spent laughing, crying, remembering so many wonderful things that happened, and surrounded by people I love!

Student's Art
Windsor Middle School
My Theater Buddy
My Bff
Mindy, Caitlin, Madison

The road trip from Colorado to Indiana wasn’t too eventful, but as soon as I got to Indiana at the beginning of June, my family’s summer was spent partly in Pennsylvania saying goodbye to my Papa (my father’s dad) as he was suffering from cancer. While in Pennsylvania, although it was a sad time, I got to spend time with some family members that I haven’t been able to see in many years. Flash forward to the start of my school year, I was so nervous to start at a new school, with a new curriculum, with all new colleagues, and all new students. It has been a wonderful place to work and there was no reason for me to be nervous. I teach with a wonderful 7th grade team and have the best support from my 7th grade math team. I feel very blessed and thank God for my new work family. My 7th graders are the sweetest (even when they’re not the best)! My school year has gone by so quickly! I’ve gone on a two and a half day camping trip with 500 7th graders. I know it sounds crazy and parts of it were, but it was a blast! I have gotten sick a lot this year which I blame on a new school, new state, and the stress of teaching, but that’s okay!

Best Niece Ever

I’m happy to be in Indiana! I mean the reason I left Colorado was to be with my family! I get to watch Trinity grow up and do many craft projects with her! I get to be closer to my sisters and build those relationships! Overall, I’m happy in Indiana and thank God for everything that has happened this year and can’t wait to see what will happen next.